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Did your passion for helping others lead to your decision to become a caring provider who offers home care, care management, advocacy or adult day care services?

Are administrative burdens and lack of time stealing your passion and increasing stress? We can help.

MyCare Alliance was founded by industry-leading caring providers who are passionate about helping our colleagues grow by providing them with customized solutions, innovative technology, and administrative services to help reduce the burdens of running a business, lower costs and improve quality.

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    • Accounting software and services
    • Medical billing systems
    • Payroll platforms
    • Remote patient monitoring
    • LMS/Continuing education
    • Financial administrative solutions
    • HR platforms and solutions
    • HIPAA consulting
    • Business consulting and support
    • Marketing, social media support


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Care Managers, Case Managers, and Patient/Health Advocates are asked questions about which Medicare Program is best.

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Recorded: Independent Contractor vs. Employee – How to Ensure Compliance (Free)

Explore one of the most basic questions about the employment relationship is whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor.

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Recorded: HIPAA for Dummies 101 (Free)

This is a “back to the basics” lesson. We will be using multiple real-life scenarios and “what if’” situations.

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