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MyCare Partner is a tablet-based, innovative technology that makes the internet easy for seniors and provides a virtual communication platform for you and your team.

The product and the experience is designed specifically for senior users and is used by all types of senior-care organizations – home care, independent/assisted living, memory care, hospitals, PACE program and many more.

Irrespective of your clients’ technical abilities, this tablet and the software solutions are designed to be easy to use by seniors with no digital experience. It can be scaled to each client based on his/her digital, literacy, physical and cognitive abilities.

The platform is open and flexible enabling care providers to address social determinants of health, deliver wellness programming, integrate workflow applications and provide a personalized interface to care services.

Featured Technologies

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We offer a range of technologies and business support services.  Learn more about:

    • Agency administration & invoicing
    • Real-time family-connect mobile applications
    • Reporting & business intelligence
    • Telehealth & biometrics
    • Care navigation systems
    • iHealthHome senior care software platform
    • Remote monitoring platform
    • Cloud-based accounting software
    • Payment systems/merchant services
    • Medical billing clearinghouse integration
    • Caregiver training and client satisfaction measurement
    • Bookkeeping, billing, accounting, payroll, expense management software and support services
    • HR platforms
    • Electronic health records
    • Payment systems
    • Medical billing systems and more

Helping Your Business Grow

MyCare Alliance was founded by industry-leading  care professionals who are passionate about supporting our colleagues and seeing them grow. We provide our members with customized solutions combining home care technology and expert services to help reduce administrative burdens, lower operational costs, and improve service quality for home and senior care businesses. 

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