(6 Pack) Bulk Sharps Container 2 Gallon – Plus Vakly Biohazard Disposal Guide


  • FDA APPROVED – These Dynarex sharps containers have gone through the required FDA 510k process which is submitted with the applicable information and test reports and then a 510k number is issued which is the FDA approval.
  • EASY ACCESS – Temporary close by pushing lid over opening to protect sharps from spilling out DO NOT CLOSE ALL THE WAY once the needle disposer is closed it is NOT meant to be reopened.
  • SECURE LID – Permanently close container by sliding lid all the way down until it CLICKS into place double check to make sure lid does not slid open.
  • ONLY THE BEST – This kit contains top selling sharps disposal container made by Dynarex item # 4627 plus a guide with the FDA recommended process for properly disposing of used needles and other sharps printed on a 4”x6” card by Vakly.
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT – This 2 Gallon (8 quart) needle container designed so needles can be dropped in the container without touching the outside. And is made from strong puncture resistant plastic.

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