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Geriatric Care Manager/Advocate on Elder Issues/ Public Benefit Speaker – 14 Years as VA Claim Agent and Senior Industry.

Known by many as “The Elder Care Navigator”, Helen Justice is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager trained to assist elders and their families with the process of aging with dignity and grace. Her knowledge and experience insures elders obtain quality care and transitional preparation for their future. Learn the mistakes most families make to prevent Public Benefits. She can assist with the following:

Prepare Eldercare Care Plan and health care assessment
Help navigate the Medical System
Identify important documents required for paying for Care
Assist with financial Planning for future care
Find Caregiver Support
Answer questions and clarify public benefits
Conduct a Home and safety evaluation
Finding Senior Living for Placement
Educate and training families on preparing for Elder Care
Family Consultation and advocate for Medical
Counseling and education for families
Referral to Legal and financial resources

A War Time Veteran herself, she retired from the Air Force in 1992. She is considered a leader in the elder care industry. She uses that knowledge to secure all types of benefits available from the state, federal and local programs to aid seniors, veterans, widows and their families. As a VA Accredited Claims Agent, she can assist anyone with the preparation, prosecution and presentation of a claim to the VA.

More important than the financial aspect of aging is the social and emotional component that elder care places on the family. With her insight, Helen provides clarity to help families proactively address the often stressful medical events that can wreek havoc on the family home life. We assist and process MediCal applications.

Elders are reassured they have an expert “navigating” the multitude of government programs to obtain their benefits, while at the same time preserving their ability to age with dignity.
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Helen Justice, GCM
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