We’re looking for a few good partners


MyCare Alliance is a company on a mission to help community-based providers do better, and be better for their clients. How? By providing them with the administrative support they need to be successful, at a price that helps them lower the overhead behind their businesses.

The market potential of our business is significant. There is a large market of families living with disabled loved ones who need extra services to stay active. And, as the graying of the population continues, more people are going to need the “bridge” services community-based providers offer to help them remain in their homes for as long as possible. Conversely, caregivers will need options that span the gap between in-home care and nursing homes.

We can make it easier for people to access those services, by ensuring more companies can get past the administrative barriers to entry, and into the market. MyCare Alliance doesn’t care for patients/clients directly, but we can provide crucial infrastructure support to those who do. The sorts of companies who make good ally candidates for our network include:

  • Home care companies
  • Care managers
  • Aging life professionals
  • Adult day care centers
  • Patient advocates

These companies range in size from just one or two independent consultants who work directly with clients/caregivers, to large, multi-site chains with hundreds of employees. They all share common pain points—billing, accounts receivable, HR administrative/management, scheduling software, sharing of electronic health records, and patient tracking/reporting. When they offload those functions to MyCare Alliance, report cost of running their business is reduced.

We think this is a win for the client, our ally companies, and the healthcare system in general, helping increase the number of companies doing business in the community-based provider space, and decreasing the cost of care across the board. We’re on a mission to help make this better model of care the new norm, nationwide.

We need investors to help take us there. Would you be interested in joining our network of investors? We’d love to talk to you about the possibilities. Reach out to Ginger Gones, at gjones@mycarealliance.com.